ENG - Limited Edition for the good cause Special Olympics Belgium (SOB)

This brand new collection was designed by Belgian Red Flame and SOB ambassador Tessa Wullaert together with SOB football player Tine Debaets.

“Topwijf” means “awesome woman” in English, it’s a compliment to all women.

Haïke Vandecasteele, ceo of Topwijf, wanted to give something back for charity and chose together with SOB ambassador Tessa Wullaert to give the athletes with a mental disability financial support. One of the objectives of Special Olympics Belgium is to reach 20,000 athletes with an intellectual disability by 2020. Thanks to this exclusive collection, more athletes can realize their Olympic dream because one athlete costs 192€ per year to the non-profit organization.

The collection was launched accordingly on the “Day of the Compliments”, Friday 01 March, and is available until Sunday 14 April. The exclusive Limited Edition consists of sweaters for women and children, as well as a totebag. The 'o' in 'Topwijf' was changed by the Special Olympics logo and the clothing labels were personalized by designers Tessa and Tine.

Would you like to know more about Tessa and Tine, about the collection, what happens behind the scenes and just get to know these two awesome ladies? Then follow the social media channels of Topwijf during the next 6 weeks!

Do you want to support Special Olympics Belgium athletes? Don’t hesitate, go straight to the Limited-Edition page and shop till you drop!

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About Topwijf

Top-class was born in 2016 with the idea that everyone can and may be awesome. An “awesome woman” is someone you look up to, although they are rarely aware of how great they are. Topwijf is the perfect way to give people recognition. You show the world through their items that you are awesome.

The brand started with a “topwijf” (= woman) collection, but quickly expanded it with topvent (= man), “topwijfje” (= girl), “topventje” (= boy) and topmama (= mama) collection.

These collections contain various items such as sweaters, t-shirts, mugs, totebags and socks.

About Tessa Wullaert

Tessa Wullaert is a Belgian professional football player and is one of the key players of the national team, the Belgian Red Flames. She also makes a career abroad where she started playing at the German VfL Wolfsburg in 2015 and since June 2018 she has been playing in the Manchester City FC women's team.

In 2017 Tessa won the very first Golden Shoe for women and at the beginning of this year she won a second that completes her pair.

Besides football, Tessa also has a big heart for charities because since 2017 she is ambassador of Special Olympics Belgium. In June 2017, she challenged the organization to play together with her other Red Flames colleagues a Play Unified competition in which athletes with and without intellectual disability play together in one team.

About Special Olympics

Change the lives of people with an intellectual disability through sport and favor their social inclusion. This is the mission of Special Olympics since its creation in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, in USA.

We can say it works! Since then, Special Olympics has become an international movement active in 178 countries, with more than 4 million athletes with an intellectual disability.

The non-profit association Special Olympics Belgium was established in 1979. The organization is under the patronage of Their Majesties the King and Queen. Tia Hellebaut and Kevin De Bruyne are godparents of the organization recognized by the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee. The National Games of Special Olympics Belgium are THE sporting highlight of the year for more than 3,400 athletes with an intellectual disability. Special Olympics Belgium is also present internationally, with the participation of Belgian athletes at the World Summer- and World Winter Games.

© Beeldig - Marijke Debusschere

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